I take a broad view of abstraction. Abstract photos, to my mind, emphasize shapes, lines, and colors rather than focusing on an accurate depiction of the subject. Viewers may or may not recognize what was actually in front of the camera. Among all the many photos that I take, I find the abstracts the most satisfying.
Now, I am focused on photography after 30 years in the realm of words, as a science writer and editor. My lifelong interest in photography intensified two decades ago when I bought my first digital camera. 
What I like best is to capture surprising views, often of urban landscapes, and explore how the eye interprets visual messages. To create an interplay of recognizable and abstract components, I have worked with reflections, especially of buildings in other buildings. Plants have also proved rewarding subjects. Intentional camera movement can add a dynamic dimension to a photo. I've found the stained glass windows at the Washington National Cathedral to be stunning subjects.  
I have had several solo shows over the last years, and my photos have appeared in many juried exhibitions, including more than two dozen shows at The Art League at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Va. I have taken classes and workshops from Eliot Cohen, Mark Power, Harvey Stein, Joe Cameron, John Borstel, David Luria, and others. I am an active member of Coffee and Critique at Photoworks at Glen Echo Park in Glen Echo, Md., as well as The Art League.
I hope you enjoy this sampling of my photography. To find out the availability, sizes, and prices of prints of these images, please use the Contact Me form. 
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